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    At Jager Landscaping we pride ourselves on the quality of our hardscaping projects. What do we mean by that? Let me explain by reviewing things we have all seen. We have all seen patios installed that are uneven after a couple of months or years. Edge blocks of patios that are sunken or raised. Have you seen steps not level leaning forward and downward? These issues are all caused by poor preparation. Why do contractors do it? They do it to cut costs and provide a lower price point. The consumer thinks they got a cheaper job, and it may look good when it is done, but that cheaper job can turn into a nightmare a couple of years down the road. The only way to correct the issues of a poorly done job is by taking it completely apart and performing the proper preparation. Now, the cheaper job costs double or more of what the project would have cost if done correctly the first time. We pride ourselves in doing all the preparation correctly so our projects will last and provide value for you and your family.

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