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    In my 50 plus years of experience, I have never understood why some folks will spend $600,000 and up for a house and then hire a questionable landscaping company to install the shrubbery and trees around the home. We have often seen the results. Bushes planted too close to the house under the eaves, where they do not get any natural rainfall or sunlight, causing them to grow leaning away from the house. Ornamental trees planted too close to the house, so they quickly grow into the siding or windows. How about trees that grow tall placed under powerlines, so it grows up through them. Let’s not forget those beautiful Weeping Red Maples that are planted in an area way too small, so they have to be trimmed awkwardly and misshaped to try and keep them contained instead of growing to their natural round beauty. We have also seen gardens that are not well conceived because of a lack of knowledge and understanding of how the plants will grow. The result is big plants in front of small plants. The textures and colors of the plants do not provide a pleasing appearance. Plants that need shade looking half dead growing in the sun. Plants that belong in the sun looking half dead growing in the shade. Plants that are literally “deer food” planted where there are many deer to destroy them. It is more work than folks realize to properly plan a garden. First, you need to consider if there are deer. Then, how much sunlight or shade the plants will get. The pallet of plants that are left, after being put through these filters, now needs to be looked at for color, texture, size. In addition, new varieties come out every year so some research needs to be done to see if a new variety is available and whether it will fill the design needs better. A good designer will also consider the style of house and the wants and needs of the homeowner. Do they have certain bushes they love and others they do not like? The final step is to put them in a pleasing arrangement using basic landscaping principles. Landscaping companies that are passionate about their work will take all of the above into consideration and produce a design that will enhance and add value to your property. Most upgrades can be handled by landscape designers, like me. For larger projects, such as whole yard designs with a pool, patio, outdoor kitchen or pergola, the bigger landscape companies have landscape architects on staff to enable these complicated designs to go smoothly. Bottom line is to hire a company that is passionate about what they do and have a landscape installed that you can be proud of and one that enhances your homes appearance.

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